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W8 series escalator

W8 serial escalator has unbeatable advantages on safety, operation, appearance and energy saving in this trade. It is applicable for hotels, office buildings, shopping center, etc. with good quality and competitive price.
W8 runs smoothly, comfortable and safe to take. It is the perfect combination of ideal design solution and up-to-date technical achievement.
The truss are made of special bar sections and rectangle steel tube, with stress relieving treatment, so that to be solid, durable and nondeformable.
The drive device adopts the most advanced technology of German FRANDER Company, which has the features of high efficiency, uniform operation and low noise.
The control system adopts Japanese new-generation PLC technology, which can perform function setting and trouble self-diagnose, the remote monitoring interface can be added if necessary.
The steps which formed from High-strength whole piece die-cast aluminum or stainless steel, and high-quality handrail guarantee the handsome appearance, safety and durability of escalator.
Following ISO9001 Quality Control System, each W8 escalator is manufactured and tested carefully to be of good quality.

Standard specification of Series W8

Step width (mm)
Max. Vertical rise (mm) ≤8m

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